AllyDécor – Decorative Screening / Laser Cutting

Decorative screening continues to be a popular product across Perth, and for good reason! We love decorative screening because it’s one of those exceptional products that looks beautiful but also serves a fantastic purpose.

The partial transparency of decorative screening means you can create privacy or a perceived boundary, without losing vital light or lines of sight. Decorative screening is also used for purely aesthetic reasons, such as to frame a letterbox or to soften a harsh brick wall. It is also extremely durable, making it ideal for outdoor use.

Mighty Fine Decorative Screening

The popularity of decorative screening means that you start to see the same-old designs popping up. This is where we like to think differently. Our manufacturing and laser cutting capabilities mean we can work together with you to create never-before-seen decorative screening out of either steel or aluminium.

We can come up with a customised design together, or you are very welcome to bring your own design to us. We will undertake all cutting, crafting and finishing on site to ensure full accuracy and quality control