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Hi, and welcome to the Fencing Supply Centre.

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We’re on a mission to improve fencing across Perth and WA. We innovate, manufacture and wholesale fencing products for builders, developers and fencing contractors who are keen to overcome traditional fencing problems.

We are most well known for our two innovative products, Allywall and Paralink.  Allywall is stronger, more compact, better looking and more durable than concrete retaining walls, making it ideal for high-density dwellings. Paralink is an innovative fencing product that offers beautifully flush joins and great looks from either side.

It all adds up to Mighty Fine Fencing.

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What We Do

From our local base in Bayswater, Perth, we manufacture and wholesale fencing products made of steel, aluminium and timber. We supply both traditional fencing options and our own uniquely designed and manufactured products to builders, developers and fencing installers / contractors.


Our Products

Our two signature products are Allywall and Paralink. We also supply decorative screening, security fencing, custom gates, pool gates, roll forming, pool fencing, fencing components plus fittings and accessories.



We are proud to be professional agents for Colorbond. Made from BlueScope Steel, Colorbond is a popular choice for its unique colour palettes and ability to withstand Australia’s harsh climates.

Designed and made right here in WA


Innovation isn’t something usually associated with fencing. Yet on the ground here in WA, we’ve noticed shortfalls such as fencing that doesn’t connect cleanly, or retaining walls that are far too heavy and bulky. We’re proud to have eliminated these problems with our two innovative products, Allywall and Paralink. All FSC products come with a 10-year manufacturers’ warranty.

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Our customers

We supply to builders, developers and fencing installers / contractors. We are proudly on the spec sheet for land developers and builders across Perth and WA, as our FSC-designed products are proving to be a fantastic fit for high-density suburban living. Fencing contractors also find that our range nicely complements traditional Colorbond products.


About Us

We are a family-owned business, led by brothers Adam and Eddy Alagic. What drives our extended team is the desire to deliver quality Australian design for Australian conditions for Australians.


Our location

Our manufacturing and wholesale warehouses are situated in Bayswater, just off the Tonkin Highway. It’s great to hear that clients appreciate our ease of access and central location as they travel north and south to site.

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Stock available right now

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Our local warehouses enable us to have ample stock on-hand to help you operate efficiently. In addition, our on-site roll forming machines enable us to turn orders around within just 2-3 days – a significant time saving compared to ordering from the eastern states.

Should you have something unique in mind, we can custom design for your individual project.