Colorbond: The Colours of Australia since 1966.

Made in Australia, Colorbond has a well-deserved reputation as a durable and stylish choice in any Australian climate. Every Colorbond steel product is made by one of Australia’s largest manufacturers, BlueScope Steel, and is manufactured to Australian Standards (AS1397 and AS/NZS 2728).

Made to last

It’s not easy to survive outdoors in our harsh Australian climates. You need a product that can handle it all, from wind and hail to extreme heat, cold and dust. Representing 50 years of Australian R&D, Colorbond is subjected to vigorous testing for corrosion, durability, adaptability and exposure, so you know it’s built to last.

Colorbond your world

Colorbond can be adapted to suit a range of applications, from fencing to roofing, guttering, sheds and carports. The Colorbond colour palette is a celebration of our Australian colours, making it a seamless inclusion to our natural environments.

The power of a proven process

Every Colorbond product begins with a steel base. This base is manufactured to not only Australian standards but also required benchmarks for grade and strength. To enhance corrosion resistance, this base is then covered in a metallic coating incorporating Activate® technology.

Once a thin pre-treatment layer has also been applied, a corrosion inhibitive primer is then baked onto the surface. Finally, the finishing touch can be applied – the topcoat. This exterior grade paint has been specially developed to retain its good looks for longer, resisting blistering, chipping and flaking.

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